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I met Johnny at the gym. I always admired his six pack abs, tight ass and arms. I never seemed to make any progress with getting diesel from my workouts but loved it anyway. After talking, I found out he was a carpenter for the local tv studio. And then I thought I might have a great catch. I bought a house that needed a little work and was that experienced in woodwork. So, I cooked up a plan to snare him.

I arranged a date at my place. I could tell he was interested. We always were bullshitting about something or another and could never stop. Our separate workouts became the two of us working out and it worked. I could see muscles in places I wanted. He came over to my place one night looking perplexed.

We started talking first in the kitchen. He said his boyfriend dumped him. "Oh" I thought. As he moped around I told him to lay down on the sofa. I consoled him dearly as a friend would. His relationship was everything to him and he didn't see it coming at all. Brokenhearted his eyes spoke of wanting to no more. This breakup almost triggered a pstd referring to the abandonment of his parents when they found he was gay. I thought of ways that would work and came up with a nice massage. That would at least cover right now.

I started at his neck and worked down to his shoulders. It was going to be better in the bedroom and we headed there. He lay prostate as I continued to massage. All the while, I reassured him I was there and will always be. My hands reached to his pants. I unzipped his fly and pulled them off. He turned over and I saw the biggest hardon I'd ever seen. I didn't touch cock at first but massaged his pecks. I got closer and then he pulled my head to his and we kissed. Softly, at first, I felt his tongue against mine. Then he got rougher. He pulled my head to his armpits and I licked the hairy area with glee taking the sweet taste of his sweat in my mouth. He then threw me on the bed and got on top. He jammed his large cock deep down my throat. I thought thank God I didn't or I'd surely had thrown up. His cock is enormous and fat as a beer can.

"Oh my God" I thought as he continued to ram his cock down my throat. It got harder and harder and he sighed blowing his load deep down my throat. He wasn't through with me though. He took some lube and rimmed my ass. "Oh my God" I thought again. He licked my asshole and really puckered it. Surprisingly,when he slid his massive cock in all I could feel was pleasure. My cock was rock hard as he fucked me. And he took my cock in his hands as he fucked me harder and harder. My cock was going to cum and I cried "I'm gonna cum". I came with the best orgasm I'd ever had. He pulled out and blew his load all over me.

We cleaned up in the bathroom and went to sleep. The next day we talked about everything with his former boyfriend. Now, he needed a new place since they were roommates.

"No problem" I told him "you are free to stay with me."

That was over seven years ago. Our house was just featured in Architectural Digest and our love for each other was sealed with a marriage. I've always wanted to thank his old boyfriend for dumping him. If he hadn't I don't know if I would have it so good.

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