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The Army is a hot spot for gay sex. Not many people would think so since there's a don't ask don't tell policy but it's true. There are more gay couples there than probably anywhere. It's just like an all girls school where most girls are in lesbian relationships. If only for awhile. This is where I came of age.

I was always into girls. I was a very good looking, muscular guy. If there was a prettty girl, I perfected the whistle. Joining the Army was in retrospect, culture shock. There were very few girls and most of them were not interested or interesting. They were borderline lesbian in action. But the guys never were.

One day in the shower stall. I got a peek at the Army's other side. It was a rough set of drills that made us filthy with mud, and sweat. We were outside for hours getting in shape. As the practice ended we headed to the shower and we bragged about our cock sizes. John came in. Everyone suddenly kept quiet as he took of his clothes.

"Wow" Tim said "That's the cock of I want to have"

Suddenly, Tony flicked his cock out and shook it hard. "Well, why not have this one" he said. Then taking a towel and snapping Tim.

John was partly embarrassed by it all and just walked to the shower letting the water roll the dirt from his skin.

"It's not easy having such a big one" I said

To my surprise, he took my head and pulled it to his cock.

"Suck it newbie" he said.

I was on my knees sucking his massive member. The water falling over my face as I tried to take it all in made it hard to breath but turned me on at the same time. My cock was rock hard. Other guys came in and gathered around with the hard cocks out. They were jerking themselves.

John tilted his head back and said "I'm gonna cum"

He shot his load down my throat. It was my second time tasting cum, a gel like substance with a taste undescribable. Tony was next in line and sucked him too.

"Lick my balls and underneath" he said.

I licked them like a dog meeting a new best friend. And I could see them getting tighter and tight. "Take my load" he said spewing his load down my throat. I could feel each thrust of cum as it shot against in the inside of my mouth.

Another one I thought. I could feel a hand on my ass and it was John who got down on his knees. He moistened my asshole with his fingers and rimmed my ass before plowing it in. Al, Bill and Andy were standing around as I took turns sucking them and getting fucked at the same time. I was in sync with John's fucking and my sucking of Al. John was jerking my cock off at the same time. Faster and faster he fucked and jerked me and the faster I sucked Al. We came at the same time. Bill and Andy both shot their loads over my face.

When it was all done, we headed back to the barracks and slept tilll late in the night. It was the best day we ever had.

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